Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Get the basic facts about what it takes for a young child to learn to read, best practices in teaching reading, the importance of oral language in literacy development, why so many children struggle, and more in this overview from Reading Rockets.


Monday, May 1, 2017

Many parents wonder why learning to read is so hard for their child.  The answers aren't clear, but scientists have discovered that the brain of a child with reading problems handles reading differently than that of a strong reader.  Click on the link below to watch a Reading Rockets video on this very interesting topic!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dyslexia: fact versus fiction

Many myths have emerged about the diagnosis of Dyslexia and how the term applies to children who struggle to learn to read.  Click on the link below to learn about 5 common Dyslexia myths. 

Friday, September 2, 2016

Click on the following link to learn more about helping your young child become acclimated to the newness of school and back into familiar school-day routines.  

Monday, June 13, 2016

It's summer! It's time to relax, spend time outside, visit friends, and enjoy your time as a family but don't stop reading and writing. Check out these activities and see what fun they can bring.

Supporting Beginning Readers
Strategies for helping beginning readers when reading orally.

Lexile Reader Measures Help Match Students With Books
Lexile measures are a great way to find books for your child.  Underhill students get his or her Lexile reader measure from the NWEA reading assessment. This score is printed on each student’s NWEA report.  

A Lexile reader measure can range from below 200L for emergent readers to above 1600L for advanced readers. Readers who score below 0L receive a BR for Beginning Reader. The Lexile range represents a level of reading difficulty that is neither too easy or too difficult for the student.  

The Lexile database includes tens of thousands of titles. You can search for books by title, author, ISBN, subject or Lexile range. By using a detailed search, you can also search by theme, interest or  content area. You can access the web site at www.lexile.com

Lexile® Overview Video
This six-minute animated video on the basic concepts and uses of The Lexile Framework for Reading is the perfect resource for parents who are new to Lexile measures.  To view the video click on the the link below.

Reading Rockets-Reading Adventure Packs for Families
Reading Rockets has developed a set of reading adventure packs to encourage hands-on fun and learning centered around paired fiction and nonfiction books.

A resource of fun activities, suggested books and lots of things in between!
Monthly Calendar Activities
These calendars are a great everyday resource for you to engage your child in activities that enhance their reading abilities. Print these out, put them on your fridge and get reading!

A resource of journals, writing topics, prompts for kids, story starters & more.

Spelling City
A free, educational website that allows use of their words or enables parents to add individualized vocabulary and spelling lists.

Storyline Online
Reading to children has been repeatedly shown to improve their reading, writing and communication skills, logical thinking, concentration and general academic aptitude… as well as inspire a love of reading. The SAG-AFTRA Foundation records well-known actors reading children’s books and makes graphically dynamic videos so that children around the world can be read to with just the click of a Storyline Online video book image.  Many teachers play SAG-AFTRA Foundation’s Storyline Online videos for their students. Doctors and nurses play Storyline Online videos for children in hospitals. And parents and children around the world watch Storyline Online videos millions of times every month.

Just Books Read Aloud

This site is JUST books read aloud by normal (but enthusiastic) readers.  There are no advertisements or other revenue generating opportunities on the site.
  • Children can't navigate away to follow other youtube leads.
  • There are only children's books on the site.
  • While reading the videos generally only show the books versus seeing the reader, which we think distracts from the book.
  • Animation on the site is limited to nice editing jobs that zoom to parts of the page.
  • The books are frequently reordered to encourage listening to new books.     

Hooksett Public Library Reading Challenge!
Guidelines for Children:
Sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge.  For each hour you read (or 5 books) you can fill out a ticket, which can be obtained in the children's room.  For your first 3 tickets, you receive a prize!  After that, you can keep filling out tickets to enter into our weekly raffles for big prizes.

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Keep the Learning Going Through the Crazy Holiday Season!

Below is a link to a website that contains suggestions.

Friday, October 9, 2015

Emergent Reader Tips and Books

Are you interested in tips and tricks for teaching emergent readers?  Would you like free printable early reader books?  Then this is your lucky day!  Click on the link below.